Creative uses for decorative pebbles

3 Creative Uses for Decorative Pebbles

Decorative pebbles are an excellent way to give visual and textural interest to any garden or lawn. You can make your outdoor space look stylish and luxurious simply by adding them to your landscape design. Fill in an empty area with these pebbles and instantly add character and a natural feel to the space. Here are three ways to do it creatively:


Garden Mulch Made from Decorative Pebbles

Decorative pebbles are most commonly used as mulch in garden beds. Pebble mulch is an excellent choice for a variety of garden types. The only difference would be its initial installation costs which may be slightly higher than the conventional tree mulch. However, using decorative pebbles as garden mulch will incur lower long-term maintenance costs.

Because tree bark and mulch are organic, these will inevitably degrade and require regular replenishment. With these, you will need to replace your mulch every 6 to 12 months and your bark every 12 to 18 months. On the other hand, decorative pebbles will go a long way and may even last you a lifetime.

That being said, keep in mind that bark and mulch serve various functions in the garden that pebble mulch won’t be able to provide. First, it won’t protect your soil from erosion, extreme heat from the sun, and weed germination. Second, pebbles won’t decompose and nourish the garden bed with organic compost made from rotting timbers.

As a result, you will need to feed your plants and gardens in other ways, such as by regularly applying liquid and slow-release fertilisers. Pebble mulch is ideal for native and dry gardens where composted organics can be in short supply.


Using Pebbles in your Garden Pots

Large potted plants are an easy way to spruce up your deck, patio, or backyard. Planting in the ground is only sometimes possible, whether you are a renter or have limited space. To add more beauty to your feature pots, you can use decorative pebbles as finishing touches.

Decorative pebbles come in a variety of colours. This will let you to mix and match them to suit whatever colour scheme you want for your house, garden, or pots. They will add a nice splash of colour and protect your plants by keeping the potting medium from drying out too quickly in the heat.


Ground Coverage with Decorative Pebbles

Colour is a great way to liven up an otherwise drab space!  These pebbles may be your best option if there is a neglected corner in your lawn, pathway, or patio.

Place at least a 50mm layer of decorative pebbles for good, even coverage. You may also need weed control matting for this. For the most part, with a weed mat (and a little weed killer), the pebbles can be laid directly over the existing surface for an instant makeover.

If there will be foot traffic, 20 to 30-mm pebbles are the ideal choice. The smaller the pebble, the better they will be, as the smaller pebble types will leave footprints. As for driveways, a 20-mm layer of gravel will work the best because the jagged edges will lock in tyre movement.

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