Great DIY sandpit ideas

4 Great DIY Sandpit Ideas

Sandpits are a great way to get the whole family outside. While you can have games such as volleyball or cricket, sandpit play is for everyone, from babies in prams to adults. With a bit of planning and some simple tools, here are four great sandpit ideas that you can do yourself.


1. Stacks of Fun

Stack treated pine sleepers on top of each other and lay them on the ground to form a square. Join the sleepers together by driving nails into them. Ensure that the nail heads are below the surface to prevent them from hurting anyone. Attach a wooden board underneath to hold the sand in. Fill it with sand and toys to let the fun begin!

Note: Look for sleepers that are treated using paint or finishes that are safe for kids.


2. Bring Life to an Old Table

Build a simple sand table using an old coffee table that you no longer use. Join square timber legs together using wide board screws on the top and bottom. Turn everything upside down and screw the boards into the ones that connect the legs at the top to make the sandpit’s base.

The result should be a simple sand pit but elevated. Fill the table with sand and enjoy!

This sandpit idea is ideal if you have limited space, as you can simply lift it after playtime and store it for later use.


3. A Hexagon Sandpit

Give your backyard some unique shapes and colours by making a hexagon sand pit. Gather some treated pine sleepers and join them together in this shape or any shape that you like. Paint them bright colours on different sides to make them stand out.

Cut a board to the exact shape and join it at the bottom. Fill it with sand and let your kids play to their hearts’ content.


4. A Deck Full of Fun

Another space-saving idea is a sandpit that you build into your deck. Cut the decking boards over the sandpit and attach a few pieces with timber to create a pair of lids. Hook them on one side so that you only need to fold the covers back over and get back to a full deck when the playtime is done.

Fill the space with sand and get the playtime started. You may want to paint the boards with different colours or choose to keep the natural finish of the treated pine. Make sure that there are no nail heads showing on the wood surface. Also, you may want to sand the wooden parts to ensure that there are no splinters to make it safe for children to use.

What makes these DIY sandpit projects even more enjoyable is that they’re low maintenance. Clean up is as simple as sifting the sand, taking out unwanted rocks and debris, rinsing it with water using a strainer, and letting it dry overnight.