We offer a large range of quality, clean aggregate for your landscape construction needs.

We ensure that our aggregates and gravels remain free from coatings and dirt, and maintain their chemical inertness and non-porosity. You can use our aggregates for various purposes, such as creating a solid base for driveways, concrete or paved pathways, aiding in drainage around drains, or in retaining walls.

For optimal bonding with cement-based products, we recommend using gravel or stone aggregates with a rough and non-glassy texture. At Wilton Landscape Supplies, we stock all commonly used types of aggregates for garden and landscaping projects.


Blue metal

The quarry produces Blue Metal, a crushed basalt with a blue colour, hence the name bluestone. Many people use Blue Metal in concrete mixes, making it a popular choice for driveways and paths.

It also works well as a drainage material, particularly around water pipes, Agline, and as a backfill behind retaining walls or in absorption trenches. Individuals can use it as drainage filler for pot plants or as a decorative garden rock.

Blue metal dust

As the name implies, Blue Metal Dust results from crushing blue metal. This material is highly versatile, clean, easy to spread, and can be compacted to form a solid surface.

It serves as an excellent base for artificial lawns, concreting, driveways, pathways, and paving.

Recycled aggregate

We can recycle bricks, demolition concrete, gravel, masonry, rock, and sand to produce aggregate. Recycling these materials into aggregate is an excellent way to reduce waste and promote environmental sustainability.

By choosing recycled aggregate for drainage projects, you can help preserve our natural rock supplies while making an affordable, environmentally-friendly choice.

Road base

Road base is crushed blue or grey rock that consists of granite, crushed gravel or limestone and is compacted to form hard surfaces.

It is used in constructing driveways, paths and bases for sheds.



Rotamill is an eco-friendly landscaping product comprising recycled asphalt and sub road base that is milled from Sydney’s roads.

It is a functional, cost-effective solution to driveways, paths and garden beds.


Gabion Rock

Gabion rock consists of large crushed stones, usually granite or limestone, and is commonly used in large projects and civil landscaping for ground stabilisation, retaining walls, and rockfall netted areas.

You can also use gabion rock in a metal cage, known as a gabion, to create an unusual and cost-effective feature in a domestic garden.

Our customer service team is always ready to provide you with more information about our aggregates and gravels.If you’re in Sydney, you can visit our yard in Wilton to purchase a bag or bulka bag, or arrange for delivery to your site by our truck.