Need a strong quality garden hose for your landscaping projects or to supply to customers?

A garden hose is an essential piece of equipment for all suburban gardens. Sydney’s seasonal rainfall is not reliable, so quick access to water is vital. Hoses save energy by eliminating the need to fill up and carry a bucket from a tap.

Garden hoses have a limited life span, usually because they have developed kinks that lead to leakage. Other wear-and-tear issues are cracking or rotting. This is often because the hose was poor quality to begin with. To ensure reliability, replace your garden hose every 5 years.


Garden hose reel

When you are watering the garden, you want a hose that doesn’t kink, is flexible and easy to roll up after use.

Wiltons Landscape Supplies stocks premium Brunnings Premium garden hose reels. Brunnings has been a trusted Australian garden supplier for over 150 years. Their hoses are UV stabilised, meaning the rubber will take longer to rot if left in the sun.

They are durable due to their increased wall thickness, compared to other brands. Brunnings Premium garden hoses are 15 metres long with a 12 mm diameter and come with a 5-year warranty. The brass nozzle is rust-proof and fits onto most outdoor taps.


Hose tap connector

Hoses aren’t much use without a tap connector.

A hose attachment will connect your hose to the water supply and is able to change the rate of flow. We supply hose tap connectors that fit onto most taps and hoses, including the Brunnings Premium garden hose.


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