Geo Fabric

Geo fabric is a high quality textile that is used in various landscaping projects.

A non-woven fabric used to separate, support, filtrate, reinforce, protect or drain soils in landscaping projects. It is strong and durable.

Geotextile fabric is used as a base material in landscaping projects to stabilise soil and improve drainage before paving, rocks, pebbles and ground surface materials are put in place. An essential component of many landscaping projects.

When to apply geo fabric

Geofabrics are an important material to use when laying out the ground work for a new landscaping project. It can be laid between two layers of different materials, such as different soil types, new construction and soil, or new and old paving. Geotextile allows water to seep from soft soil to consolidate and strengthen lower layers.

If you need to reinforce steep slopes and retaining walls, a layer or more of geo fabric is ideal. Ideal for removing water while preventing soil and or any other fine particles from passing through, it can also block water rather than allowing water to pass through.

Comes in 1m x 50m


PRODUCT - BUILDERS -Silt Fence 860mm x 50 meters

Slit Fence

A silt fence, also known as a sediment control fence, is a temporary barrier used to control the runoff of sediment-laden water.

The material is placed, so the sediment-laden water flows through the fence mesh while the silt and other small particles are trapped on the upstream side. Silt fences protect construction sites and natural areas from the adverse effects of sedimentation.

Silt fences are a relatively simple and effective way to control sediment runoff, making them an essential tool in the fight against water pollution.

 Comes in 860mm x 50m


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