Outdoor plants

Are you looking for some plants to spruce up your home and garden?

Check out our selection of plants. We’ve got a variety of seasonal choices as well as hedging and evergreen options. With beauties like Duranta, Magnolia, Buxus, and Gardenia, you’re sure to find the perfect pick for your space.

Not only do plants add a touch of life and vibrancy to your garden, but they can also attract birds and wildlife and boost your mood.

Let our friendly team help you with a selection of plants that suit your garden needs.



Looking for bright and easy-to-grow seedlings?  Seedlings are a useful way to build up a garden from scratch.  If you plant seedlings in full sun, they will grow more quickly and easily than seeds.  They need little water to survive, usually just once a day.  Give them space to grow to get sufficient nutrients, water, air and root space.

Transplant seedlings into larger pots or the ground when they have developed three or four healthy leaves and are twice as tall as the starter tray.  Potting soil and potting mix aren’t ideal for seed starting because they don’t drain as well as seed starting mix and are too rich in nutrients.


What seedlings are good for Sydney gardens

Sydney’s climate determines what is the best time to plant each seedling.  Some seedlings grow into spectacular plants that flower all year round, such as the Calliope Big Red pelargonium that needs no dead-heading.  Duranta, magnolia, buxus and gardenia make great hedging and evergreen options.

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