Pure Blue liquid chlorine 15 ltr

Pureblue Liquid Chlorine 15ltr drum

Enjoy clean, safe pools and spas with our pool supply Pureblue liquid chlorine 15ltr drum.
This product is designed to keep bacteria and algae at bay, giving you crystal clear water that’s perfect for swimming in with family and friends.
You can also use our liquid chlorine for a shock treatment if needed, keeping your pool free from any unwanted contaminants. Not only that, but this powerful solution can be used to remove mould from surrounding areas, ensuring your pool area remains beautiful.
As well as being great for everyday chlorination or special treatments, Pureblue is ideal for both indoor and saltwater pools. Plus it can be diluted and used as a bleach too.
Ultrapure pool salt 20kg

Ultrapure Pool Salt 25kg

Looking for an easy way to keep your pool family-safe and crystal clear? 
Check our pool supply ultrapure Pool Salt is designed for use with salt water chlorinators. This high-quality, clean white salt is the perfect way to achieve excellent water balance in your swimming pool.
Enjoy a worry-free summer with this 25kg of trusted pool salt that will work hard to keep your pool clean and sanitised – say goodbye to algae, grime, and high levels of chlorine!
With Ultrapure Pool Salt, you can trust that you’ll get a pristine and germ-free swimming experience every time. Enjoy yourself this summer with the peace of mind of safety and quality with Ultrapure Pool Salt!


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