Recycled Concrete


Looking for a way to dispose of old concrete from your renovations and home improvement projects?

Bring it to Wilton Landscape Supplies to get recycled concrete!

We accept concrete from paths, driveways, and patios as long as it is free of asbestos and other contaminants. This is a great way to be eco-friendly and keep construction waste out of landfills. Plus, you can feel good knowing that your old concrete will be reused in new projects.

Concrete waste accounts for 50% of total construction waste on demolition sites. The most common way to dispose of it is in landfill, which pollutes the air and nearby water, since it is strongly alkaline. Concrete rubble from demolished structures is broken and crushed and re-processed into new, reusable material. It is used in retaining walls, landscaping gravel or as raw material for new concrete. Large pieces can be used as bricks or slabs. Wilton Landscape Supplies accepts old concrete for recycling.


What can Recycled Concrete used for?

Recycled concrete compacts well, providing a firm foundation for driveways and paths. By covering drains and surrounding areas with recycled concrete, it lets water through but keeps debris out. If you need a hard-wearing, long-lasting option for garden mulch that also look great in rock gardens, try recycled concrete.

The Benefits….

Firstly, it conserves our natural resources. Recycling one ton of cement can save up to 900 kgs of carbon dioxide. Recycling concrete reduces pollution and costs for landfill. By recycling concrete, you can dispose of your materials in a reusable way and it saves on landfill space. Because it has been broken up into uniform pieces, recycled concrete creates a surface that is strong yet allows rainwater to permeate the ground underneath, reducing rainwater loss.

Save the environment by bringing your old concrete to Wilton Landscape Supplies for recycling. Call us on (02) 4630 9401 to find out more.