Weed Killer 

A healthy lawn requires more than just occasional mowing and watering. Weed killers, lawn food, and fertilisers are all essential components of lawn care.

Weed killers help control unwanted weed growth, while lawn food provides essential nutrients that help grass grow strong and healthy. Lawn fertilisers help replenish the soil, ensuring it has the necessary nutrients to support a healthy lawn. While many different products are available, it is vital to choose those specifically designed for use on the grounds. Using the wrong products can damage grass and lead to unhealthy growth.

Using the right products ensures a healthy, weed-free lawn that you’ll love.


Bindii Kills

Bindii Kill 

If you’re a gardener of any level, chances are you know the struggle of dealing with Bindiis and clover in your lawn. Sure, there are numerous weed killers out there that could do the job but many of them contain harsh chemicals that may harm your lawn.

With Bindii Kill, you can say goodbye to pesky weeds and hello to vibrant green grass! No more chemical cocktails – with just one application of Bindii Kill, you can enjoy lush, beautiful grass in no time!


Feed and Weed

Feed and Weed

If a thick, green, and healthy lawn is what you desire, then this product is a great solution for your garden. Not only does it take all the stress off of you by killing off the weeds but it also feeds your lawn so that it looks healthy and lush.


Nylon trimmer line

Nylon line trimmer

A nylon line trimmer is used on whipper snippers and other trimmer style lawn care equipment.

It is strong and durable, ideal for tough, overgrown lawns. Nylon line trimmers are available in various thicknesses and lengths and can be bought in spools or as individual strands. They are durable and flexible, making them ideal for use on various terrains. They are also resistant to UV light making them long-lasting.

Nylon trimmer lines are an excellent choice for those who want a high-quality, durable line for their lawn care needs.



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