CD & JS Group Pty Ltd t/as Wilton Landscape Supplies

The agreed trading terms are 7 days, this being that the payment is due on or before 7 days following the date of invoicing.

Wilton Lanscape Supplies reserves the right to:

1. Cease credit facilities to the Customer at any time without notice.

2. Stop supply and place the account on hold until the account is returned to the agreed trading terms.

These terms of trade apply to all transctions from which the customer is supplied services on credit, unless otherwise agreed in writing prior to any transction.

These trading terms may be amended by Wilton Landscape Supplies, provided they are provided to the customer in writing, by email to the address set out in the credit application form.

Any change in this address must be conveyed to the supplier in writing.

Any change in details provided in the Credit Applicaton by the customer, including Directorships, structure etc must be conveyed to Wilotn Landscape Supplies in writing.

Until a new Credit Application is approved and signed by Wilton Landscape Supplies, the original Credit who signed as Guarantors will remain liable to Wilton Landscape Supplies as if the services were supplied to the original customer.

If in the event that legal action is commenced for not complying with these terms, all legal and court costs will be the customer’s responsibility.