Want to pick up your order?

Have your own ute or trailer and want to pick up a load of bulk materials or bagged products?

Most of our landscape materials come in 20kg bags or 1 tonne bulka bags and we can load them onto your ute or trailer for you.Call our friendly staff on 4630 9401 and order your materials over the phone. We can have them ready for you within a couple of hours.


Delivery Lead Times

Bulk materials (Sand, soil, mulch and aggregate)

We will always try to get your bulk materials delivery to you on time and generally need a minimum delivery turn around time of a couple of hours from receiving your order.To ensure you get your delivery when you actually need it, please try and place your order 1 or 2 days prior.Please note that delays can sometimes be beyond our control, for example, if the weather turns bad, just before long weekends or other unforeseen circumstances that delay our delivery drivers.

Cement products (bagged), Pavers and Pebbles

Whilst we have a large stock of bagged cement products, pavers and pebbles at our yard in Wilton,

we may need to have your order fulfilled for delivery directly from the manufacturer. This can generally be done within 48 hours but there may be exceptions.

Our team will keep you informed of an expected delivery time.


Turf comes directly from the turf farm and is generally delivered 2 to 3 days after orders are placed. Whilst your request for a particular delivery time will be noted.This will need to be confirmed once the daily truck schedule has been organized.You will generally be sent a SMS message the afternoon prior with an expected delivery time.Please note that adverse weather will affect turf availability and delivery.

Our friendly staff are here to help you so please call on 4630 9401 and talk to them about your order and delivery.


How will my order be delivered?

Generally we will try to deliver your order in the most cost efficient way for you. This means that we will try and deliver multiple bulk items and bagged products in one truck load to save you time and money.However, large orders may take several trips and products that need to come directly from the manufacturer may be delivered by a third party subcontractor driver with a mounted forklift or crane truck.Orders will be delivered to your home or project site. Please advise us of any hazards or access and moveability issues. Is it a steep site? A narrow street? A busy highway? Low hanging powerlines?


How much will delivery cost?

Our friendly staff will generally give you a total delivery fee, for all your order, delivered by truck to your home or project site. Our bulk material delivery fees vary based on your location.Large orders or products delivered directly from the manufacturer may be charged as a flat rate, by the metre, pallet or weight. We will do our best to ensure your delivery charges are kept to a minimum and advise you of the cost when you place your order.


Once products are delivered

Responsibility for any damage to goods passes to the recipient upon delivery; Wilton Landscape Supplies is not liable for loss, theft or damage after delivery.The company warrants that its goods/services are fit for their specified purposes and are merchantable; all other warranties/representations (except those non-excludable by law) are excluded.If there is a defect in the product/service, Wilton Landscape Supplies will refund payment or repair/replace the goods according to its Refund Policy.