Adding mulch to your garden is a great way to improve the look of your yard, while also protecting your plants. It can actually improve the health of your plants and help protect them from harsh weather conditions and water evaporation.

This is the most cost-effective way of keeping your garden healthy and weed free. Not only does it reduce evaporation, but mulching also helps maintain good soil structure by allowing plants access to moisture & oxygen. And the worms love it too!

This comes in many different forms, so it’s important to choose the right type for your garden needs.

Wilton Landscape Supplies stocks a wide range of mulch in vibrant seasonal colours.


Red mulch

This is made from chipped wood and bark and one of the most popular mulches.The vibrant red is a striking colour contrast to dark green hedges and can help create features of larger shrubs and trees.


Pine bark 

It is made from shredded pine tree bark and its natural dark red-brown colour usually last longer than other mulches.Pine bark mulch is lightweight so is not appropriate for slopes.


Midnight mulch

It creates a contemporary, stylish feel to your garden. This black dyed mulch is perfect for adding some character and doesn’t affect plant growth. It won’t fade too quickly, though over time its color will slowly dissipate until it’s a much lighter shade

Wood Chip 

Wood Chip mulch is a product of the Cypress tree and perfect for native gardens. It has a lovely forest fragrance and is particularly good for mature trees and deep-rooted plants. It is a looser mulch so allows plenty of water to get through to the soil.


Eucalyptus mulch

Eucalyptus mulch is a blend of finely shredded organic mulch, ideal for retaining moisture and suppressing weeds in native or bushland gardens.It decomposes slower than most mulches, yet it breaks down easily into the soil, encouraging earthworm habitation. This releases vital nutrients into the soil, promoting optimal plant growth and drainage.

Note that eucalyptus mulch is not resistant to white ants/termites.


Leaf mulch

Leaf mulch is composed blend of leaf litter and wood chips, mainly from eucalypts.Composted leaf mulch draws less nitrogen from the soil and so is much more suitable for optimal plant growth.Leaf mulch is suitable for all plant types including vegetables


Sugar Cane 

Sugar Cane Mulch is made from the leaves of sugar cane plants that are left over after harvest. This natural mulching material can be used in all types or gardens, including roses and vegetable gardens to help retain moisture as well protect against weeds. It has anti-inflammatory properties which encourages earthworm activity for healthier soils!


Mulch Mats

Mulch Mats are a non woven mat that helps to keep the weeds at bay, lower water loss from your soil surface and should help reduce slugs & snails. You can cut openings in the mat to place plants into the soil.

 Our friendly customer service team can give you more information about our extensive range of quality mulches. You can also visit our yard in Wilton and purchase a bag, bulka bag or have our truck deliver to your site anywhere in Sydney.