Black (Midnight) Mulch

Black (midnight) mulch is a pine chip mulch that has been dyed black in colour.

It will add a stylish and contemporary feel to your landscaping and garden. Black (midnight) mulch has a number of benefits such as helping reduce weeds, as well as providing a clean, finished look to gardens and landscapes. Its dark colour will fade over time but the product will continue to protects plants from heat stress due to water evaporation.

This is a natural, environmentally friendly pine chip material.


Leaf mulch comes in…

• Bags available

• Bulka bags – hold 1 cubic metre each

• Truck delivery can be arranged for large quantities

Minimum delivery order must be greater than half cubic metre


The description and images for this product are for general informational proposes only and are to be used as a guide.  Actual colours may vary from the images shown.

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