Pine Bark MULCH

If you’re looking for a natural and organic way to improve the condition of your soil, look no further than this. Made from the bark of pine trees, pine bark mulch is a great way to add nutrients to your soil while also helping to control erosion.

It’s also a natural insect repellent, making it the perfect choice for organic gardening. Best of all, it is affordable and easy to use. This can also be used as a soil amendment, as it helps to improve drainage and aeration. It is popular for landscaping projects, as it gives gardens a natural look.

This is an excellent choice for those on a budget.


Pine bark Mulch come in…

  • Bags available
  • Bulka bags – hold 1 cubic meter each
  • Truck delivery can be arranged for large quantities

Minimum delivery order must be greater than half cubic meter


The description and images for this product are for general informational proposes only and are to be used as a guide.  Actual colours may vary from the images shown.

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