Red Mulch Woodchips

Red mulch woodchips are a great way to give color and texture to your landscape.

Made from red cedar, these woodchips are naturally resistant to rot and decay. They also make an excellent weed barrier, helping keep your garden beds free of unwanted growth. This help insulate the soil, keeping roots cool in summer and warm in winter. Best of all, they’re easy to apply and maintain. Simply spread a layer of chips over your garden beds and rake them into place. For best results, reapply every few months.

With this, you can enjoy a beautiful landscape that’s low maintenance and long-lasting.


Red mulch woodchips come in…

  • Bags available
  • Bulka bags – hold 1 cubic metre each
  • Truck delivery can be arranged for large quantities

Minimum delivery order must be greater than half cubic meter


The description and images for this product are for general informational proposes only and are to be used as a guide.  Actual colours may vary from the images shown.

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