Do you need a constant supply of good quality pavers?

Wilton Landscape Supplies stocks the four most popular pavers for Sydney gardens.


Concrete Pavers

Concrete pavers are ideal if you want a coloured surface.

Coloured dyes are added to concrete to become an arresting feature for outdoor areas. The dye eventually fades so don’t install around pools.

Individual concrete pavers are easier to replace or repair than a concrete slab.

Install over a compacted base of soil and sand.

As this can take heavy loads, they are ideal for driveways

Brick Pavers

This is a new or recycled bricks ranging in colour from light orange to dark brown.

Though these are more expensive than concrete ones, they are tough, last longer and are low maintenance.

As well as building walls, these are great for paths, courtyards, driveways, patios, pool areas and house entrances.

Tasman Blocks

The Tasman® block retaining wall system has been designed and manufactured for Australian conditions.

If you need to build a near vertical with a curve or a high retaining wall, Tasman blocks are ideal.

Tasman blocks are easy to stack with blocks locking into the one above. The capping unit adheres to the top blocks to complete a sleek design.

The natural rock face in a wide colour range creates a stunning landscape solution.

Stepping Stones

Stepping stones are a practical way to implement direction, texture and colour in a garden.

They help stabilise soil, minimise wear in turf and provide a safe solution for slopes and crossing we areas.

It is cheaper and more creative to use stepping stones rather than concrete slabs and paths.

Use them to connect activity areas, accentuate special spaces and preserve the natural look of the landscape.