Adding a pop of colour to your home’s exterior with decorative garden pebbles is an easy and affordable way to transform your outdoor space.

For those looking for a contemporary, eco-friendly option for landscaping, Australian river pebbles are the perfect solution! With garden pebbles providing such an effortless curb side appeal, it’s no wonder they’re becoming one of the latest landscaping trends.


Not only do these colourful stones look beautiful by themselves or as part of a design, but their anti- weed properties make them great to reduce unsightly plants growing in unwanted areas. So put down that garden mulch and say hello to beautiful, evergreen pebbles!


These will be a modern addition to any landscaping project. Not to mention they are super wallet-friendly compared with more traditional options on the market.

Let the brilliance and colour of our Garden Pebbles bring life and vibrancy to your outdoor area today!


Our pebble range includes

River Pebbles

Looking to upgrade your garden or outdoor space? Why not consider river pebbles? These tumbled stones look beautiful and can take any outdoor area from bland to grand!

These are a natural product, made smooth by flowing water over time. With their unique rounded shape and variety in colors and sizes, they’re just the thing for creating a polished, sophisticated landscape. Place them in garden beds, use as mulch for demanding plants, or create a stunning centerpiece for rock gardens. They can be used indoors too; fill fish tanks with these perfect pebbles to really add some flair!

Cowra White Pebbles

Transform your outdoor area with Cowra white pebbles! These pretty, shiny white pebbles are found in the Cowra region of New South Wales and come with a wealth of possibilities.

From adding a touch of decorative flair to your garden beds and ponds, to creating a durable and attractive surface for pathways and driveways – They have you covered. And for fish keepers, these natural looking stones make the perfect substrate for aquariums too. So why not liven up your outdoor space with the beauty and versatility of Cowra white pebbles?

Limestone Pebbles

Bring the outdoors in with our beautiful limestone garden pebbles! These sedimentary rocks make a stunning addition to any outdoor setting, creating an elegant and stylish look that provides plenty of benefits for your plants.

The limestone help with aerating the soil and drainage issues, promoting further growth in plants. Plus, it’s not only for gardens – these pebbles are also popular in aquariums, providing a natural-looking substrate for fish tanks.

Wilton Blend Pebbles

The soft natural tones of the Wilton Blend Pebbles make this an ideal addition to any landscaping project.

The white and sandstone coloured blend will add a decorative accent to a walkway or patio or they can be used as a highlight around a sandstone rockery and native garden.  

Wollondilly Blend Pebbles

Wollondilly Blend pebbles are a beautiful mix of different size pebbles that provide texture and interest to any outdoor space.  Their versatility brings both beauty and function to any outdoor space.

This striking blend has highlights of browns, greys and blues and will suit any type of garden whether you are aiming for a modern or traditional look.  The classic colours will bring style to any property.

Sandstone Rocks

Sandstone rocks are a natural wonder that can dramatically enhance the aesthetic of any garden. From the warm, earthy tones that evoke a sense of calm and natural beauty, to the intricate layers that tell a story of time and transformation, sandstone offers a unique charm.

Incorporating these magnificent rocks into your garden design not only adds a touch of elegance and interest but also creates a striking contrast with the soft lushness of greenery.