Cowra White Pebbles

Cowra white pebbles are a popular material for both landscaping and construction.

These are found in the Cowra region of New South Wales, Australia. These pebbles are incredibly versatile and can be used for various applications. They are commonly used as a decorative element in gardens and ponds or as a construction material for driveways, pathways, and many others landscape applications. They are also popular among fish keepers, as they can provide a beautiful and natural-looking substrate for aquariums.

These are an ideal choice if you want to create a beautiful and functional outdoor area.


Wilton pebble blend comes in…

  •  20kg bags
  • Bulka bags – hold 1 tonne each
  • Truck delivery can be arranged for large quantities

Minimum delivery order must be greater than half tonne


The description and images for this product are for general informational proposes only and are to be used as a guide.  Actual colours may vary from the images shown.

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