Sand is one of the most useful supplies for garden landscaping and construction.
Whether you are laying tiles, paving, concreting or constructing a sand pit area, having the right type of sand will ensure the success of your project.

Wilton Landscape Supplies stocks the 5 most common types of sand used in Sydney.

You can visit our yard in Wilton and purchase our sand in bags, Bulka Bags or have our truck deliver loose tip sand to your site anywhere in Sydney.


Sydney sand

A high-quality sand that can be used in a variety of applications and construction projects. Due to its lack of clay content, this sand is ideal for use as an additive in mortar and concrete mixes.  It’s also perfect for filling sandpits or using in rendering, tiling, and gap filling between pavers.

Washed river sand

Very versatile and a great option to improve garden drainage, especially in areas with clay soils. The coarse sand grains can break up the soil and lift the texture, making it much easier for water to drain away.
It can also be applied as a top dressing to buffalo grass. Plus, this sand is great for pavement bedding and filling up sandpit play areas.

Brickies sand

A white sand that is clean and cakey, with a higher clay content than Sydney or river sand.  By repelling water, the clay content makes the sand stickier and more workable when mixed with cement. White brickies sand is perfect when you need to create white mortar joints in brick walls.

Yellow sand

A strong and durable and great for bricklaying or block work or as a base for above-ground swimming pools. Use yellow brickies sand when the colour of your mortar isn’t important.

Sand and gravel mix

This mix is a stable product that is easy to level and uses include bedding for cement patio stones, pavers and walkways. It can also act as a foundation for steps, ponds, and planters.

Our friendly customer service team can help you with quantities and give you more information about our extensive range of clean sands.