A good looking and healthy turf is the key to an attractive home. Not only does it provide a natural beauty, but it also helps add to your property value.

Keeping your lawn looking great doesn’t have to be hard though. In fact, with the right turf, you can create an enviable green space in no time at all.

Wilton Landscape Supplies delivers quality turf for landscape gardeners across Sydney.

Transform old thin grass into a luxurious expanse of turf quickly with quality grasses suited to your location.

Our complete range of turf consist of:


Sir Walter Buffalo

Cultivated specifically for the harsh Australian environment by an Australian farmer, Sir Walter is a tough yet soft bladed grass. It is a very hardy and versatile grass that is drought and heat tolerant and can be grown in full sun or shade. This very low maintenance turf is perfect for high traffic areas making it a great all rounder.

Palmetto Buffalo Grass

Is becoming increasingly popular for residential and commercial landscapes. It is known for its tolerance to heat and drought, as well as its ability to withstand heavy use. Palmetto buffalo grass is also resistant to pests and diseases, making it a good choice for areas that are difficult to maintain.

Couch Grass

Another warm season grass that is resilient and tolerant of direct sunlight, suitable for sun areas, playgrounds and sports fields. This bright green, fine leaf grass is very hardy and is great is high traffic areas. It requires full sun

Kikuyu Grass

Road base is crushed blue or grey rock that consists of granite, crushed gravel or limestone and is compacted to form hard surfaces.

It is used in constructing driveways, paths and bases for sheds


Sapphire Buffalo

Australian-bred with textured fine leaves of unbeatable softness, this grass grows in dense shade, tough climates and survives high traffic well. Has a beautiful deep green colour most of the year and is low maintenance.

Sydney has two major soil types – sandy soils from Hawkesbury sandstone and clay soils from shales or volcanic rocks. Some soils may be a mixture of the two.

For sandy soils, we suggest turning the top layer of old soil over and adding a turf underlay soil; for clay soils, we recommend removing the top section of soil before adding turf underlay soil.

Check on the type of traffic and the amount of sunlight and shade throughout the year on each area of lawn so that we can advise you on which type of turf to order.

With all our grasses, add a water-efficient starter fertiliser and ensure all moisture drains away effectively after you have installed the turf.

Our friendly customer service team can help you with quantities and give you more information about our extensive range of quality turf. You can contact us on 4630 9401 or also visit our yard in Wilton to place your order